Welcome to PredictionDEX. A web3 platform to predict, trade & swap future events.
  • End2End Decentralized: From creating a prediction market, hosting, betting, disputing, resolving outcomes, and claiming rewards - everything is operated by smart contracts. No middleman at all.
  • Multiple Bet Models: Betting can be done in 3 models (a) For-Against (b) Odd-Spread (c) Tokenized. Markets for Sports, Crypto, Politics, Science, and Esports are available.
  • Fiats & Crypto Payment Modes: Use your favorite debit or credit cards or crypto to predict.
  • No hidden fees: 100% blockchain-based transparency on the fee structure.
  • Instant Payout Forever: Claim rewards instantly at any time when markets are resolved.
  • On-chain Governance: Community-led governance to add markets, resolve outcomes and restructure fees.
Last modified 1yr ago