Platform Guides

To access PredictionDEX via web, browse Mobile apps are under development for 2023.


  • Create your PredictionDEX Profile, and you will receive an in-built wallet. You can also connect your other wallets.

  • Make sure you download wallets that are supported. Extensions of such wallets for Chrome or Brave browser can be extra helpful.

  • You can also use debit/credit cards and other fiat currency modes during fee payment actions.


  • Navigate to various market pages using the navbar.

  • Landing page is helpful to track the progress of the platform and announcements.

  • Prediction Markets page gives access to create, host, and bet.

  • Detailed page of each market gives full data access, a reward calculator, and a "dispute" feature.

  • Leaderboard, Staking, and LP Reward pages

  • Profile page

  • Discord and documentation links are extra helpful.

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