Rewards & Fees Model

Fee Structure:

Transactions: - Each transaction of PredictionDEX charges 0.1 $BET with ZRC-3 implementation (no need for holding ZIL by users).

Profile Changes: - To change anything like username, description, profile picture, etc. - a flat fee of 100 $BET is charged to save the changes.

Creating Market: - There is no fee to create a market.

Hosting Market: - There is a flat fee of 75 $BET tokens to host a market. But 50 $BET out of 75 is used for making a prediction. Host needs to choose one outcome of that market before sending the transaction. - For using "Free Host" coupon, user needs only 50 $BET token while hosting.

Predicting Outcomes: - The minimum fee to make a prediction is 50 $BET. - For using "Free Bet" coupon, user places 50 $BET value token by paying 0 $BET token while betting.

Featuring Market: - To place a market in Featured section, it costs 100 $BET for host.

Sponsoring Market: - Anyone can sponsor a market with >= 100 $BET. This amount adds up in Prize Pool.

Dispute Result: - Any user can dispute a market outcome result with 100 $BET collateral deposit.


Each market generates "Total Market Pool" as the sum of "Bettor Revenue" and "Add-on Revenue".

  • Bettor Revenue is the sum of the "Total Win Pool" and "Total Lose Pool".

  • Add-on Revenue is the sum of "50% Feature Revenue" and "50% Sponsor Revenue".

  • Total Market Reward Pool = "Total Loss Pool" + "Add-on Revenue".

This is distributed as follows:

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